Olsen Ross creates romantic images of labors and idylls, heroic genre paintings, gaily costumed crime fighters and swarms of sinister putti.

“Olsen Ross is an expressive painter who has captured
bold imagery of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman
in broad strokes of hot flashes of color that seem to be
candid shots of a child’s fantasy in a Van Gogh fashion.
The artistry and enthusiasm with which he creates these
homages seem to compel the viewer onward and upward.”
Wendi Flowers Goodwin
“Using pigment in a calligraphic manner, Ross creates an intense,
vibrant surface that hovers somewhere between Vincent Van Gogh’s last works 

and the “white writing” of Mark Tobey. With paisley-like swirling designs of paint 
Ross draws palpable energy of atmosphere as if what can be felt can also be seen.”
James R. Nelson
“Ross’ myth-inspired images speak to the rather lurid, ominous side of man’s devices.
There is a darkness to Ross’ work which is missing in the work of his co-exhibitors.
It possesses a kind of humor, albeit of the sort found in Dante.”
Lane Cooper